Siberian Husky

This week I chose to talk about the Siberian Husky. They are known for being sled dogs, their wolf-like appearance, and their beautiful blue eyes. Huskies are working dogs that grow to be about 1 foot 8 inches to 1 foot 11 inches tall at the shoulder.


They weigh anywhere from 35 to 65 pounds. Huskies have a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years. They are independent intelligent dogs that can be difficult to train. Siberian Huskies are known for escaping, so owners should be always on the lookout for them. They can be very destructive if left alone uncrated. Huskies don’t usually bark, however they do howl. Here are a few links to show what kinds of noises huskies make: 




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One thought on “Siberian Husky

  1. Natasha,
    I am a big dog person, whenever I see a dog I have to stop and pet it out of instinct. I am a big Uconn basketball fan and since their mascot is the huskies I have had a thing for them. They are also very beautiful dogs especially with the blue eyes and gorgeous hair. I personally didn’t know that they were able to live such long life. I thought the smaller the dog the longer the life, but that is great news. I look forward to reading more about your blog.

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