French Bulldogs

This week I will be talking about French Bulldogs. They are small dogs, around 16-28 pounds and 11-12 inches at the shoulder. Their life span is about 11-14 years. French Bulldogs are great companions and don’t require too much exercise. They love to play, however they are content just curling up in your lap as well. Frenchies are intelligent dogs, but can be stubborn. They need human contact, and can become territorial at times. French Bulldogs are great watchdogs and alert their owners of any danger. They do not do well with heat and need to be in cool areas so they don’t overexert themselves. Frenchies don’t tend to bark much so they are good dogs for apartments. One of my favorite French Bulldogs is one I follow on Instagram; his account name is @waltergoodboy. He is a very cute white frenchie who loves the snow and hops around when he gets angry. I recommend checking his account out if you love dogs.885ab1d642d406a5d36e78d3098128b8




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  1. Oh my goodness, Frenchies are so cute! I didn’t know that they only weigh up to 28 pounds. @waltergoodboy is so cute. I love watching his videos. My two favorite videos of @waltergoodboy is the one where he is hopping around in the snow with his jacket on and booties or the one where he keeps licking his nose and sticking his tongue out.

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